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Ariana’s New Offering! @REVIEWS

After having listened to Problem, my first Ariana Grande song, I felt an instant craze about her songs. Then came Love Me Harder (featuring Weeknd) and One last Time. This made me love her songs even more.

Now, her recent offering to her fans is her new album ‘Dangerous Woman’. The songs got me in a different kind of zone. The zone where you endlessly  listen to the songs as you forget you have to run errands. ‘Focus’ is my first favorite as it reminds me of ‘Problem’ (featuring Iggy Azalea). Then comes ‘Into You’ and ‘Everyday’ which are my personal favorites of the album. Ariana again brings the tune with ‘Let Me Love You’. It reminds you of ‘Love Me Harder’. ‘Dangerous Woman’ is a powerful song, giving us a good hear at the singer’s vocal ability to sing high pitches. Other songs, ‘Bad Decisions’, ‘Leave Me lonely,’ ‘Side To Side (featuring Nicki Minaj)’ and ‘Be Alright’ got me humming them every moment.

And hey, I won’t write about this song- ‘Moonlight’ because words cannot define the song. You have to listen to it!


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